The Reboot Method - Vol.2 - All levels

The Reboot Method - Vol.2 - All levels

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The handbook you have in front of you is the result of a collaboration between two friends with very different backgrounds. They wish to share with as many people as possible their knowledge and skills acquired over more than fifteen years of practice, often in extreme conditions, in the fields of breathing as well as energetic and physical activities.

The goal of this handbook is to introduce you to a wide range of techniques with sometimes very different origins, but which all have the same goal: to improve the quality of life of the practitioner while optimizing his mental potential as well as his physical and cardio-respiratory capacities.
From the neophyte to the advanced expert, from the person with reduced mobility to the world-class triathlete, whatever their objectives and socio-professional constraints, everyone will find something to their benefit by exploring the techniques in this book.

Part of The Reboot Method's philosophy is to save you time by following the instructions in this handbook. You will thus understand how to train, manage your time, combine and integrate the exercises into your daily life, without blocking off a specific slot dedicated to practice.
Organized in thematic chapters, you will discover in this volume 2 of The Reboot Method a number of small tips to improve your daily practice, which can be easily integrated into your schedule or your usual training. Each chapter begins with a short theoretical presentation, then brings together the descriptive and detailed technique sheets.

In this manual you will learn how to:
Improve your brain capacity
Get back to a restful sleep
Meditate effectively and use visualization for greater results
Learn how to manage stress and your emotions
Learn how to manage and develop your respiratory capacities
Relax the body and practice simple self-massages
Strengthen and improve your posture
Use the beneficial effects of the cold
Combine and integrate techniques into everyday life, and much more…

Happy reading and good practice!

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