The Reboot Method - Vol.1 - Beginner & Intermediary

The Reboot Method - Vol.1 - Beginner & Intermediary

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The Reboot Method is adapted to the largest number of people, from beginners to

This handbook is specially designed for beginners and intermediate level people who wish to improve their physical and cardio-respiratory capacities. In this volume 1, The Reboot Method provides simple and realistic training circuits, which can easily be integrated into a busy schedule and adapt to socio-professional constraints.
Different circuits are suggested so that everyone can practice according to the space and equipment they have easy access to: with and without equipment, with and without kettlebells.
You will find many training planning models over 1 to 4 months, with 3, 4 or 5 sessions per week, as well as detailed day to day descriptions of certain programs to facilitate understanding.
The book offers effective warm-ups and exercises that are accessible to everyone, regardless of the equipment and space you have available. Each movement is described in detail on a separate sheet for clarity. You will learn how to perform the exercises safely, what variations are possible depending on your level and your objectives, and tips to develop your practice.
The theoretical part of the book provides a better understanding of the mechanisms of the human body both in everyday life and during physical and sporting activity. At the end of reading this book, you will have understood what periodization is and will be able to use its main principles to create and develop your sessions according to your needs and expectations.

This method is for:
Men and women alike
For beginners, false beginners, intermediate levels
To all those who wish to improve their physical and cardio-respiratory capacities
People with or without access to a gym and specific equipment

With this method you will be able to:
Learn and understand the basics of human physiology and anatomy
Understand periodization and the concept of workload
Use simple and effective training protocols
Carry out complete polyarticular warm-ups with and without equipment
Carry out exercises adapted to your level and objectives
Perform realistic and evolving circuits with and without equipment
Learn how to create and structure your own general preparation and strength sessions
Become autonomous in your training

Happy reading and good practice!

Note that the theoretical part is identical to the one of volume 1 for Advanced level.

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